LBParkes’ powder coating plant can give high-throughput customers all the advantages of automated processing, while allowing the flexibility to apply any type of powder coating, in any colour and texture. Million-plus component batch sizes are handled as routine at our West Midlands site. The LBParkes name is long-established in high-volume decorative finishing. Our powder coating plant has been carefully integrated into the processing route so that all the quality-benefits and production-economies of large volume processing, are available to our powder coating customers.

Customers with smaller batch sizes can also be assured of our best attention on our manual plant.

LBParkes personnel are well used to dealing with large numbers of — sometimes delicate — components, and the powder plant itself makes use of some of the latest powder processing technology. Its specification and temperature control is such that even some of the more difficult nylon or epoxy can be applied without problem. LB Parkes is accredited to ISO 9001:2008.

The LBParkes advantage:

  • million-plus job sizes
  • very cost-effective processing
  • full pre- and post-treatments carried out on site
  • any powder coating, any colour and any texture
  • packaged to individual specifications
  • light assembly

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