You may wonder what that is, SciFi inspired band name or a particularly striking cocktail?

Well obviously it’s neither of these. This is my blog about surface treatment of Aluminium rather than something more imaginative.

It’s actually something important if you are keen on having a chromate, Alocrom Alodine Iridite etc, finish.

The EU through it’s REACH regulations looks at different chemicals used in industry and the risks related to them. Everything has a risk.

If a Chemical is deemed to be too risky for how it is used and there are alternatives available then after a date, the particular substance reaches it’s “sunset”, use prohibited unless specific authorisation is granted.

Sometimes this is easy; sometimes this is hard. In the case of Chromium Trioxide it is hard, not just through it’s use in hard chrome plating!

Basically the industrial uses of Chromium Trioxide and in our cases the coatings that can be created through it’s use are deemed to render the the proposed Sunset Date problematic.

So what is happening? Well ideally we would know more than we do but the long and the short of it is that chromates will continue to be offered for at least another 3 years. How this is done we won’t know till later this year. Probably after the 17th September “sunset date”. As soon as more information comes out it will of course make my blog and this is all correct as I understand it today.

Jon Parkes

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