Chromium Trioxide Sunset

You may wonder what that is, SciFi inspired band name or a particularly striking cocktail? Well obviously it's neither of these. This is my blog about surface treatment of Aluminium rather than something more imaginative. It's actually something important if you are keen on having a chromate, Alocrom Alodine Iridite etc, finish. The EU through it's REACH regulations looks at different chemicals used in industry and the risks related to them. Everything has a risk. If a Chemical is deemed to be too risky for how it is used and there are alternatives…continue reading →

Material Choice

When we are asked to quote for a job or have an enquiry from an engineer, architect or designer one key thing that is often misunderstood is the choice or specification of the aluminium alloy.  Nothing will quite dishearten an anodiser or surface finisher in general as much as to be total "Aluminium" when asked the question what are you making it from.  If you want to have it anodised then 99% of the time it will be an aluminium alloy, this is quite different to an ingot of pure aluminium and is…continue reading →