The Challenge

“To produce a building like no other”

From the start the Selfridge project was one that required the very best in knowledge and skill to produce. Taking the ideas and designs of an architect and realising them in a way that is repeatable and sustainable in production took time, planning and development. Different sized discs were trialled as were different fixing and finishing solutions.

The Solution

A highly specialised polishing process firstly by machine then hand operator before being followed by a bespoke anodising coating in a mixed acid electrolyte with a post anodising pre-treatment to aid maintenance. There are twice as many discs on the building than that you can see. The backing discs had to be anodised and the fixings assembled prior to delivery to site to be attached to the façade ready for the discs that are visible today. The whole number of discs, 15,000, were prepared and had to be kept ready in our specially constructed warehouse in their bespoke packaging. We then delivered to schedule to site.

The Results